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How to Select the Best Concrete Patio for Your Needs

Select Best concrete Patio for Your NeedsLooking forward to dining al fresco this summer? Why not improve your home’s outdoor space with a brand new patio from R&M Concrete? If a new patio is on the books, the first thing you need to do is consider which type to select. Of course, this choice depends entirely on how you plan to use the patio. Will you be cooking and hosting elaborate gourmet outdoor dinners?

Looking to set up some lounge chairs next to your in ground pool? No matter what your plans are, we can help. R&M’s Concrete Patio service is highly regarded within Tulsa. As an esteemed concrete contractor, we can take care of your project from the foundations to the finishing touches. Our team has expertise on both the implementation and aesthetic sides of the process, so stay tuned for tips on selecting your new concrete patio.

Will You Be Just Dining or Cooking Too?

The size and style of the concrete patio depend heavily on whether you plan to simply dine on it or cook on it with an outdoor kitchen as well. You should also consider whether you plan to just set out a few glasses of lemonade and cookies on simple patio furniture or whether you’ll be hosting full-fledged dinner parties and entertainment evenings atop your new patio. If you’re just hosting casual, laid-back meals or kid-friendly parties, you can choose a simpler finish, such as rock salt or coarse broom. If you plan to hold swanky dinners and gatherings, you could opt in favor of something more lavish such as a custom float and trowel finish. Play with color; if you find a hue you like, a stained look may be something you want to consider.

Consider What Other Materials You Like

While concrete is the best choice for your outdoor patio, considering what other materials you enjoy the look of can help you decide on the perfect concrete patio. For example, if you like how flagstone, bricked, terracotta, or slate looks on other homes, you can imitate this look with stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is artistically textured to imitate the look of other coveted materials, but with added durability. You can customize it to suit the style of your home or your online inspirations. Our team can help you select and implement a gorgeous stamped concrete patio for your property.

Don’t Forget Functionality

It’s easy to get carried away with the stunning looks that can be created from concrete, but don’t forget about safety and functionality as well. If you’re creating your patio as a pool deck rather than a dining spot, it might be ideal to select a finish that is less slippery and less polished. Broom finished concrete may not have the style and glitz of stamped or stenciled concrete, and it’s often associated with bland driveways. That being said, it does grip very well and prevents slipping in hazardous areas such as a pool edge.

Don’t Fret if Your Budget Is Low or if Space is Limited

If you don’t have the budget for an extravagant, lavish entertaining patio, or you simply don’t have the space to throw retirement parties, barbecues, and wedding receptions in your backyard, don’t sulk and give up on your patio dreams. A lovely, compact patio with just enough space for two or three will still be a charming addition to your home’s landscape and will allow you to enjoy your return on investment in privacy. Whether you end up with a simple, cozy patio or an expansive, opulent one, it’s a win-win situation!

Ready to start planning for a summer on the patio? Contact us today to get a FREE quote, courtesy of R&M Concrete.