3 Signs You May Be Hiring The Wrong Concrete Company

3-signs-you-may-be-hiring-the-wrong-concrete-companyUsually, when you need to engage the services of a concrete company, you’re about to embark on a very large and financially significant building project. Concrete is going to play an important role in that project, from the foundation to, …

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Can I Have A Contractor Pour Concrete In The Winter?


Seasons come and go. When seasonal changes bring environmental challenges, for some businesses, work still has to continue to keep projects on target. For construction in particular, outdoor conditions can have a big impact on the progress of a project. …

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7 Tips for Making Your Concrete Patio Last Longer

Tips Making Concrete Patio Last LongerLongevity in home design is a precious gift, and your concrete is one thing you hope will perform well. Though it’s a much stronger and ostensibly durable material than asphalt, concrete will still crack and wear out over time.

But …

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