Concrete Walls & Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be found as landscaping elements in residential or commercial environments that hold back earth from moving downwards onto a path, driveway, or roadway. Essentially, they stabilize a hill so the area below the retaining wall is usable and safe. Retaining walls can be made out of stone, blocks, or concrete—the latter is probably the easiest to install, as stacking stone and blocks entails quite a lot of labor.

A concrete retaining wall designed and installed by R & M Concrete will provide the lateral support you need to properly hold back soil or backfill. They can be plain and grey or designed to mimic the look and feel of stone, brick, and other styles. Similar to other concrete installations, retaining walls can be stained or dyed to match your current landscaping, and even to stand out as a centerpiece.

Tulsa Concrete Walls

Simple concrete walls can be poured to serve a variety of purposes. While retaining walls typically serve the purpose of holding back earth, a concrete wall can be installed as a sound barrier, decorative element, planter box, and more.

Pouring a concrete retaining wall or a functional concrete wall may seem like a bigger challenge than simply pouring concrete onto the ground but for the professionals at R & M Concrete in Tulsa, it’s just as routine. In essence, a concrete wall is created by setting forms, lining them with a texture liner, pouring colored or plain concrete into the form, waiting for it to cure, and then stripping away the form and liners. At this point the various components can be stained or left as is.

Professional Concrete Wall Pouring

Whether you need a retaining wall, a decorative concrete wall, or a functional concrete wall installed, the professionals at R & M Concrete have over 30 years of experience and will ensure your vision is made a reality. If you’re unsure of the proper height or length for your retaining wall, our experts can take measurements and discuss your needs in order to develop a plan that results in a safe, great looking retaining wall.

If you’re interested in a decorative wall feature but aren’t sure how it will fit into your landscaping, our staff can help too. We’ve worked on thousands of projects over the years, which means we’ve see it all. No matter your needs or challenges, we’ll find a solution that meets your requirements.

For more information about concrete retaining walls or general concrete wall design contact R & M Concrete in Tulsa today.