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Why Stained Concrete Floor Is the Perfect Choice for Commercial Properties

Top 9 Benefits of a Stained Concrete Floor for Commercial Properties

More and more owners of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings are seeing the obvious advantages of stained concrete floors. A beautifully stained and finished concrete floor is an intelligent alternative to carpet, linoleum, marble, tile, stone, or wood flooring.

From the low maintenance and durability to the savings you get for your bottom line, stained concrete floors are a winning choice when building or renovating a property.

Here’s why commercial property owners love the results they get from stained concrete.

1. Versatility

Concrete can be stained in a variety of colors to match your property’s looks. It can be textured to offer creative designs and visual appeal, or polished for a smooth, glossy appearance. If your business has original concrete floors below an old carpet surface, resurfacing them is an affordable and environmentally friendly flooring option.

Additionally, decorative applications and other elements can be incorporated in a concrete floor design that can enhance a commercial or industrial property’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Beauty

Elegance and style at an affordable cost is truly a benefit experienced when choosing a professionally installed concrete floor. When designed and installed properly with skillful staining techniques, it can look as good as any of the more expensive flooring materials out there, effectively mimicking flagstone, granite, marble, travertine, sandstone, and slate.

3. Durability

Professionally stained concrete floors provide a tremendous amount of durability, which includes high compressive strength capability. This makes them extremely resistant to wear and tear. Other flooring options tend to get worn down, but with stained concrete, there is no warping, buckling, flaking, chipping, or peeling.

Stained concrete floors are also resistant to the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet light rays, eliminating the fading or discoloration that you can also experience with other flooring options over time.

4. Energy Savings

Concrete floors have the ability, unlike very few other floor alternatives, to absorb and slowly release both heat and cold stored up through their thermal mass quality. This allows owners to regulate energy usage to both warm and cool a property by minimizing temperature swings indoors, even when the outside weather may vary wildly with temperature fluctuations.

5. Low Maintenance

Maintenance can be one of the most significant post-installation factors to consider for your flooring options. On occasion, a stained concrete floor that receives high traffic might need a little extra buffing or repolishing to keep its original shine, but for the most part, stained concrete floors require a fraction of the maintenance other flooring options require.

Simple sweeping or mopping periodically to remove dirt is all that is needed to keep a beautiful concrete floor looking great, especially if the floor has been sealed with a clear coating.

6. Many Colors Options

There are so many options you can choose when staining a concrete floor. Even multiple stain colors can be applied by blending and layering the colors to find the right mix.

Staining a concrete floor requires using water-based or acid-based solutions, either one of which comes with a variety of color options. Acid-based stains tend to present marble-like textures, whereas water-based tints are used when an even, consistent look is desired.

Although water-based shades can provide a broader range of color than acid-based ones, the elegant effects obtained through acid-based stains make it a preferred choice because it is so good at mimicking polished marble or natural stone.

7. Affordability

Depending on the complexity of the stain application, the surface prep-work required, and the size or area of application, stained concrete floor applications are low-cost alternatives to other flooring options.

A simple, basic, one-coat application typically doesn’t cost more than between $2-4 per square foot. More sophisticated or intricate designs can cost much more, depending on the skill level required for installation and the amount of labor involved.

8. Water Resistance

It’s unlikely you’ll find a more water-resistant flooring option. Stained concrete floors allow only minuscule amounts of moisture to pass through them, meaning you won’t deal with rot or similar issues.

With other flooring options, warping, rotting, discoloration, as well as mold and mildew effects can be issues, but stained concrete floors are so water-resistant, you’ll never experience the same level of negative effects of water damage.

9. Sustainability

The use of stained concrete flooring has become more and more popular and sought after for both commercial and residential properties—not only because of its beauty and versatility, but also because it’s an environmentally safe and sustainable product.

Concrete continues to remain energy-efficient to produce. It is normally made from products that are locally sourced, and recycled or waste products can even be incorporated into concrete during the manufacturing process.

This makes stained concrete flooring a top choice for the environment when deciding on the type of flooring to install in your commercial building.

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