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Why It Pays to Install a Commercial Concrete Parking Lot for Your Tulsa Business

Concrete Commercial Parking Lot

Concrete Ensures Great Parking for Businesses

Is your commercial property suffering from a rough and unappealing parking lot? Are potholes, worn asphalt, and other parking lot surface issues causing problems for your Tulsa area business? This problem is an annoying one, but there is a simple and effective solution that’s also cost-effective—replace that old asphalt with durable, attractive concrete.

Employees and customers alike appreciate a beautiful, smooth surface on which to drive and park their vehicles. And concrete parking surfaces offer numerous benefits over asphalt that business owners should be aware of when they need their parking areas resurfaced.

These days, switching from asphalt to concrete for commercial driveways and parking lots is more appealing than ever. Here’s why.



By its nature, asphalt tends to wear down quickly, suffering from potholes, cracks, and other issues due to usage and weather elements. Traditional asphalt doesn’t stand up well to heavy trucks or machinery, making it less than ideal for commercial properties.


Stronger and longer-lasting than traditional asphalt, a commercial concrete parking lot stands up to the weight of dump trucks, construction equipment, tractor trailers, and more. It handles frequent usage well, so if a commercial property is busy, a concrete parking lot is a great choice for your Tulsa business.

Ease of Maintenance


Because asphalt is easily worn down by the elements and usage, it needs to be sprayed down with a fresh surface of liquid asphalt every few years. Resurfacing will be required at least once every 10 years, maybe sooner, depending on how worn the surface becomes.


If you’re looking for little to no time and money spent in caring for your parking lot’s surface, concrete is a smart investment. When properly and carefully laid by a professional team of experts, a commercial concrete parking lot will need little tending beyond keeping the surface clean of stains, and an occasional resealing every few years.



Asphalt is made from the residue of the oil refinement process used to manufacture gasoline. As new technologies become more advanced, the refinement of oil is yielding less residue. The process is being streamlined, and the result is that asphalt is less available—driving up the cost of asphalt installation and maintenance.


Though asphalt can sometimes be less expensive when it is initially installed, concrete definitely costs less to maintain over time. Concrete typically lasts 50 years or more when properly laid, while asphalt gets only about 30 years of use, with more maintenance required. This means concrete ends up being a cost-effective long-term choice for commercial parking lots.

Light Reflection


You may not think about it much, but the material your business parking and sidewalks are made of can brighten or darken your whole property. Because asphalt has a dark color, asphalt parking lots tend to be more shadowy at night—which means they are less safe for people to navigate.


Typically made with a much lighter color than asphalt—a light grey is very common—concrete does well when it comes to brightening a property. At night, concrete reflects light, making the area more well-lit with fewer lighting fixtures. This increases visibility and security, and is less costly in terms of electricity.



Traditional asphalt is dark and dense, trapping the sun’s rays and getting as much as 40-60 degrees warmer than the surrounding air. Too much asphalt in a city contributes to overheated air for everyone, meaning drivers, businesses, and homes run their air-conditioning more often and use more electricity.


Rather than drawing in heat, concrete resists it, so surfaces and the surrounding area stay cooler and more comfortable. This lessens electricity usage, helping to lower the carbon footprint of your Tulsa business.

Choose Concrete for All Your Tulsa Business Needs

Enjoy a practical, long-lasting, low-maintenance commercial parking lot by choosing the great value you get from professionally poured concrete.

And remember, when you’re thinking of any project that involves concrete—whether it’s a commercial parking area, sidewalks, warehouse flooring, retaining walls and more, R&M Concrete is the place Tulsa businesses love to turn to. Our experienced team of experts provides attractive, precision-installed concrete projects that delight Tulsa area business owners and give you confidence.

Discover why Tulsa businesses love our work. And check out our services for more detailed information about how we can make your commercial concrete projects a delight.