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Top Reasons to Widen and Extend Your Home’s Driveway

Top Reasons to Widen and Extend Your Home’s Driveway

Struggling to find places to safely park your car near your home? Tired of forcing guests and family to park in the street, where vehicles run the risk of getting hit or damaged?

A lot of older homes in and around Tulsa have small, narrow driveways that don’t do the job homeowners want them to perform. But there’s a convenient solution—a professionally laid, gorgeous concrete driveway extension.

Here’s how this simple investment can create great advantages for your home.

What Is a Driveway Extension?

As you can probably guess, extending your driveway simply means that you’re adding space to it by widening or lengthening it—or both!

You can customize your driveway depending on your specific needs, as well as the layout of your home and land. Options can include:

  • Adding width to one side
  • Adding width to both sides
  • Lengthening toward the street
  • Building in length that leads toward the back of the house
  • Paving sections that are currently unpaved
  • Installing a circle or partial circle driveway in front of your home

If you’re dreaming of a concept we haven’t mentioned yet, ask us about it. Our designers can make it happen!

Why Consider Extending Your Driveway?

There are so many benefits of adding space to your existing driveway.

More Room

The biggest reason to extend your driveway is to create more space for parking cars, stowing boats, making room for trailers and RVs, and so on. It’s great for guests as well, helping them to feel comfortable and welcome when they arrive for a visit and have a designated, safe place to park.

With a bigger driveway, you can even provide a place for your kids to play and entertain themselves, such as space for that basketball hoop they keep asking for.

Greater Curb Appeal

It’s easy to overlook how much your current driveway adds to (or takes away from!) your home’s visual attractiveness. But consider your neighbor’s house that looks totally modern with the new driveway they installed, and you’ll realize how much an upgrade matters.

A freshly laid concrete driveway always looks eye-catching. And if you want to widen or lengthen your driveway, laying beautiful concrete to cover the entire surface will make the space look neat, uniform, and appealing.

Improved Surface

Loose gravel can erode away, and it can be difficult for some vehicles to navigate. Dirt is unsightly and can get muddy quick, and of course, grass gets worn down under a car’s weight. Cracked asphalt can damage your car’s wheels.

All these issues can be solved as you extend your driveway and lay fresh, high-performing concrete that looks attractive, is easy to drive on, and performs well in all weather.

Enhanced Safety and Convenience

Parking in the street can put your car at risk of damage from careless drivers. An extended driveway eliminates that. And you won’t have to stand in the street when you’re emptying your vehicle of groceries, packages or luggage, so you’ll be safer too.

Does a Driveway Extension Add Value to Property?

Yes, a freshly laid and extended driveway adds value. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect in terms of the return on your investment.

Higher Resale Value

When you have a great driveway, it adds a lot of worth, including curb appeal and improved functionality that boosts your home lifestyle.

As a result, you can set a higher asking price for your home that will cover the cost of the installation—which is handy if you’re planning to place your property on the market sometime soon.

Added Convenience

If you’re planning to stay in your home for a while, the added value comes not only from the boosted asking price, but also the convenient use you’re getting from your new driveway.

Professional Installation Pays Off

Laying concrete is not an easy task—and it’s especially complex for large projects such as a driveway. You may need to confirm that your HOA allows you to add onto your driveway, and if the new space will connect to the street, you may be required to get a permit.

So, rather than doing all the work yourself and getting overwhelmed by the details and precision involved, hire a pro concrete company to handle the design and installation right from the get-go. They’ll be able to help you meet HOA expectations and fulfill municipal requirements too.

Looking for the right team to do your driveway? Check out these handy tips about choosing the best concrete professionals to make your project a success.

Get the Perfect Concrete Installation for Your Home

Your property deserves a proper, professional concrete pour and inlay from start to finish—so you can relax and enjoy your home lifestyle without worries. At R&M Concrete, our team has decades of experience and a strong track record of delighting homeowners in and around Tulsa with our work.

Start dreaming of how attractive and usable your driveway can be when you use our residential concrete driveway services. And reach out anytime with questions or to set up a complimentary consultation and estimate. We’re here to serve you and your concrete needs!