Top Benefits of Installing a Concrete Patio


You are finally ready to put in that patio you always wanted, but what is your best option for building material? There are a couple ways you could go. Wood, for example, is a trendy choice, but not that practical. A decade ago, wood was the obvious solution for many, but, today, those homeowners are already looking for an upgrade. Wood looks nice but has a short lifespan thanks to environmental damage like rotting and warping. A much more cost-effective and long-lasting choice is concrete. Consider some of the benefits that come with installing a concrete patio.


Another downside to a basic wood deck is the lack of ingenuity. One wood patio pretty much looks the same as the next one. Concrete, on the other hand, gives you some design choices that will set your deck apart. High-tech options like stamping and tinting mean a concrete patio is more versatile than you might have thought.

Concrete means you can add on design elements to make the deck something remarkable. For example, exposed aggregate is a little like putting marble or granite down instead of concrete. You can mix and match your aggregate styles to create clear sitting areas and walking paths, too.

Engraving is another decorative option for concrete. Installers use specially designed etching tools to cut patterns into the concrete. Imagine a deck engraved with your family monogram or a hand-picked artistic element.


Adding a patio to your property is an investment – one you need to protect. Wood just doesn’t stand up to the elements that way concrete can. The contractor may even expand on the installation to ensure your concrete lasts through the hardest of winters, depending on the type material and specific design elements. Stamped concrete, for example, requires some special handling. The contractor may add a color hardener to the surface to prevent fading, as well as a protective sealer.

Easy Clean Up

The best part of choosing concrete is easy maintenance. Wood needs regular care like staining and sanding. All concrete surfaces require is a good cleaning. At least once a year, preferably in the spring, you need to scrub the concrete with a stiff bristle brush and a mild cleanser. For some surfaces, your contractor may recommend you have the concrete professionally power washed every few years to keep it looking its best.

Still wondering what the best choice is for that new patio? Concrete offers durability, versatility and easy maintenance. It comes with benefits that wood decks just don’t provide.

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