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Stamped Concrete Driveway Makes an Impressive Entrance

Stamped Concrete Driveway Makes an Impressive EntranceHave you every looked at your driveway & just thought that it needed something more? We know how you feel. That is why we specialize in stamping concrete, so that your driveway can make an impressive entrance not only for you but for all your family and friends. Here are a few reasons why your next driveway needs to be stamped:

Low Maintenance Concrete

Stamped concrete doesn’t have heavy maintenance demands. Once it is installed, you won’t have to weed grass that has grown on the joints or in between the grout lines. Your stamped concrete is a very durable material that can withstand damage from water, rust and heavy loads.

Flexible Designs and Patterns

Once the concrete is poured and smoothened out, the next step involves pressing down a pattern of your choice. This is done while the concrete is still wet so that it’s able to bring out the patterns nicely. Color is applied after the stamping is complete to give it an amazing look. You can pick from a couple of designs that suits your unique needs.

R&M Concrete

At R&M Concrete we have a wide variety of stamped concrete patterns available to choose from. Your new concrete patio, walkway or driveway can resemble the look of brick, stone, flagstone, slate and more, in many color options too that will blend well with your existing landscape. You can really create your own custom look by mixing it with other concrete finishes and border accents. Contact us today.