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Spruce Up Your Outdoor Concrete Surfaces for Spring

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Concrete Surfaces for Spring

If your mind conjures up images of cleaning floors, closets, and windows when you hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” you’re not alone.

As soon as the weather warms, many people seize their first chance to air out the house after being cooped up for much of the winter. But spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning the inside of the house. After all, as soon as signs of spring start,  people begin to get excited about their warm weather landscaping and gardening, especially after a winter of drab colors and cold temperatures.

One thing that homeowners can do to spruce up their landscaping is to clean and improve their concrete surfaces! It might not sound like the most exciting task, but it’s something that can make a big difference in the overall look of your home or business. Spring is the perfect time to clean away the winter build-up from snow, ice, and salt, and to tackle a few improvement projects.

Whatever your budget or time allows, cleaning up your concrete surfaces is a great investment of money and effort.

Power Wash Your Surfaces

The simplest and easiest way to improve your concrete surfaces is simply to do a good power washing. You can hire professionals to do this or tackle the job yourself, but keep in mind that the better your power washing equipment, the better the job will look in the end.

This isn’t just for your walkways, but also for your driveway, garage floors, and any concrete fixtures you have, which could include large planters, mailboxes, signs, and statues. You should also make note of any repairs that need to be fixed, like cracks or sunken areas.

Add Some Design Elements

Concrete can be a beautiful part of landscaped home or business, especially if you add the right decorative elements. Walkways and driveways can make a great first impression! If your budget doesn’t allow for re-doing old concrete that is starting to look a little outdated or plain, you could always add some large potted plants or attractive statues that match your decor.

You can add lighting fixtures along your walkways, plant new flowers that will draw people’s eye to the color instead of older concrete, and update your patio furniture with new textiles or altogether new items.

Paint or Stain Your Patio

For those with a bit more time and patience, perhaps painting your patio or walkways is the best project to tackle this spring! Patio painting is popular and can be a good starter home improvement project. You just need the right supplies and a lot of patience, as well as a good starting surface.

Don’t try to paint your patio if it has lots of cracks or if it hasn’t been cleaned in ages. Geometric designs, in particular, are in style right now, but some people have been doing really ornate, beautiful, and colorful designs.

Cover Your Patio With Pavers

Some surfaces–especially patios–can be covered with pavers to create a completely new look. This is a job for more experienced DIY-ers, but it can be a cost-effective way to drastically improve an outdated concrete patio or walkway. This update can add curb appeal, as well as increased value to your home.

Bring In the Professionals

Not sure where to start? Or in need of some extra help because your concrete has been neglected for too long? Or perhaps you want an updated look to your concrete surfaces, but you don’t have the time to tackle a project yourself. Maybe you’re someone who loves the idea of doing a project on your own, but you worry about how long your workmanship will last or whether or not the project might look shoddy when you’re finished. These are just some of the great reasons to bring in some professionals.

R&M Concrete can help you determine your options for cleaning, repairing, and updating the concrete at your home or business, or they can help you create a brand new surface that is attractive and appealing. Whether you’re trying to improve walkways or create a gorgeous stamped or stained concrete surface, R&M will save your time and ensure that your project looks professional.

DIY has its place, but if you want to know for sure that the project will end up looking amazing, contact R&M to get a free estimate. Don’t start a concrete project until you know for sure what all of your options are, including a professional, affordable, and long-lasting concrete design.