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Retaining Walls: What You Need to Know and Why They Matter

Take a look around as you drive about town, and you may notice something you haven’t paid much attention to before: A lot of properties have retaining walls. These landscape features are one of the most common and practical design elements you’ll come across. The benefits of retaining walls are numerous, and it’s smart for property owners to assess their landscaping and ensure they make the most of what these concrete structures can offer them.

At R&M Concrete, one of our specialties is the design and installation of attractive, strong retaining walls that help you make the most of your Tulsa property. Whether you’re in the middle of home building right now, have a business that needs new concrete, or own property that needs some upgrades, our team of experts can give you concrete solutions that put your mind at ease. If you’re wondering about retaining walls, here’s what you need to know about how they can benefit your property.

What Is a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are outdoor structures installed on sloping landscapes to ensure the hill’s dirt and brush stay in place and the landscape remains usable and safe. While they can be made with many materials, concrete is one of the most popular choices because it is easy to work with, cost-efficient, and customizable with an attractive look.

The Benefits of Retaining Walls for Your Property

Those involved in home building projects can tell you that concrete retaining walls add a lot of value to your property and are well worth the investment. Here’s why.

1. Protective Structure

The main function of retaining walls is to preserve your landscaping by keeping the soil in place and preventing run-off, mudslides, and collapses. Without a proper retaining wall, some parts of the earth can become susceptible to erosion that causes considerable damage, especially structural foundation damage. It may happen over a period of years, but when soil washes away from a home’s foundation, trouble can arise. A retaining wall can prevent this problem.

In many cases, home building cannot occur without the inclusion of a retaining wall. In those situations, concrete retaining walls are important protective structures that are built to last.

2. Run-Off Control

A critical benefit of retaining walls is that they encourage the proper flow of rainwater away from your home. By directing moisture safely away, your home’s foundation is protected, ensuring your house remains structurally sound. It also allows your landscape to utilize water without washing away.

Green Country homeowners can also use retaining walls to keep polluted street water away from their property, and prevent flooding of their landscaping.

3. Slope Reduction

In Tulsa and the surrounding towns, many homes are built on sloping earth. Some slopes are more drastic than others, and without any design work, the landscape can easily erode and be unusable. Retaining walls can transform an otherwise unworkable area into a space that is practical and lovely. By utilizing concrete walls, sloped land can be turned into terraced land features that accentuate the beauty of the outdoors.

4. Decorative Gardens

Throughout history, retaining walls have been used to create usable land out of what was previously hard-to-manage landscaping. In many ancient civilizations, amazing gardens were created out of nothing by use of an elaborate system of retaining walls. Terraces with lush trees and flower beds were made possible because of the simple addition of walled structures.

Retaining walls on your property can have the same effect right here in Tulsa —providing a beautiful, productive garden you and your family can enjoy.

Why Choose Concrete?

Retaining walls are made with all kinds of material: stone, brick, concrete, timber, steel and even plastics. Concrete retaining walls have their advantages over other options. Here are a few.

Strong, Durable and Low Maintenance

Retaining walls should last a long time, and the simple truth is that concrete just lasts longer than most other building materials. Concrete actually becomes stronger over time, making it low maintenance and less likely to need reconstruction and rehabilitation in the future. A well-built concrete structure can last generation after generation.

Attractive and Customizable

Much of the discussion surrounding retaining walls focuses on their strength, durability and other practical qualities. However, these structures serve as more than just a functional necessity. Beauty in a landscape that was otherwise unusable can be created by a purposeful concrete retaining wall. Even the wall itself can add to the aesthetics of the surrounding property, especially if you opt for decorative concrete and stained concrete designs. Depending on where the wall is placed, it can also provide a beautiful sitting area along a patio or walkway in your outdoor space.


Concrete retaining walls are low maintenance, resilient, energy efficient and durable, making them a budget-friendly option compared to other building materials. By protecting your landscaping and home foundation long-term, concrete retaining walls also cut down on costly repair needs. Replacement and reconstruction expenses related to concrete have also been shown to be significantly lower than other materials that don’t last as long.

Enjoy the Benefits of Retaining Walls on Your Tulsa Area Property

As you build your home, make renovations or upgrade your landscaping design, be sure to include beautiful, lasting concrete retaining walls to make the most of your space. Our team of experts makes the process smooth and easy for you. Contact us today for a free estimate, let us know your goals, and receive a stylish, well-built retaining wall and any other concrete solutions you need. We’ll help make you proud of your home for years to come.