Key Benefits Stamped Concrete Offers

Key Benefits Stamped Concrete OffersConcrete projects no longer have to be characterized by a cold and boring look. The colors, patterns, and textures in stamped concrete can be made to look like flagstone, slate, or brick. Its flexibility is what makes stamped concrete an attractive option to use for installing outdoor patios, walkways, stoops, driveways, and poolside areas. If you are considering stamped concrete for an outdoor home improvement project, knowing the advantages it offers over traditional concrete and other building materials may help to sway your decision.

Cost Savings

Although the cost of completing a project varies depending on the size of the area where you want to install stamped concrete, the cost of labor where you live, and local concrete prices, both you and your contractor can save money. It’s less expensive than materials such as brick, flagstone, and other natural stones that homeowners select for visual appeal, yet it looks just as attractive.

Contractors can save money by pouring concrete instead of hauling in truckloads of bricks, stones, or concrete pavers that need to be placed individually by hand to fit them together. Since stamped concrete is laid as a continuous slab that doesn’t involve as much time or as many workers to get the job done, the project incurs fewer labor costs.

Minimal Maintenance

Stamped concrete requires less maintenance than brick, pavers, cobblestone, or even a crushed stone driveway. Sealing the surface of stamped concrete every couple of years helps protect the concrete from moisture and damage caused by weather elements. Many other building materials require more maintenance.

While high-density stone resists cracking, weeds grow between the joints. In addition to weed problems, the edges of bricks are prone to chipping and may need to be replaced. Concrete pavers work loose and shift over time, eventually resulting in a surface that needs to be completely re-leveled. Although crushed stone is usually a more economic option to start, the stones scatter and must be re-leveled and replaced on a regular basis.

Curb Appeal

Besides stamped concrete giving the exterior of your home a distinctive and high-end appearance upgrade at lower cost, your driveway, walking path, or patio will among the first things people notice, especially if you select from colors and textures that blend with your home’s landscaping design. By enhancing your property’s curb appeal, you add value to your home.

Why Choose Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is durable, affordable, and doesn’t require a lot of work to maintain. With stamped concrete, your completed project will look amazing for years to come. So why not have our professionals at R&M Concrete install some right away? Contact us today!