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How to Hire the Right Stamped Concrete Contractor

How-to-Hire-the-Right-Stamped-Concrete-ContractorStamped concrete can mimic the look of more expensive stone and brick; this innovative product can bring new life to any area of your yard or garden. From patios to pool decks and even your driveway, stamped concrete can boost your curb appeal and provide a long lasting, low maintenance finish that will enhance the value of your home. This is a specialty product, so the contractor you choose should be familiar with installation and be able to provide a custom look designed to perfectly suit your home and space; you’ll really need to choose the right team for the job to get the results you want.

How to Choose a Stamped Concrete Contractor

Hire a Specialist

Stamped and decorative concrete requires a specific skill set – you wouldn’t want to be the contractor’s first attempt, or even their 10th. Your team should be fully trained and equipped to handle the job and be able to provide a gallery of images of previous successful work.

Ask for References

The contractor should be able to share the names and addresses of other clients in your area. If possible, talk to these clients about their experience and ask how their product is holding up. The references should ideally be clients with stamped concrete work, not just general concrete or contracting, since this is a specialty application.

Check out their Credentials

Has the business been around awhile, and are they licensed, insured and bonded? You need to hire a real business to work on your home, not someone offering services on the side. Your home is your largest asset, so checking credentials helps you protect this important investment.

Ask about Design Support

Stamped concrete is an art – so the contractor you choose needs to be able to come up with some design ideas that enhance your home and property. If you have images you like or photographs that inspire you, you should be able to share these details and work together with the team to come up with something you’ll love.  A contractor that won’t listen or that can’t meet your needs won’t be able to come up with a finished product you’ll truly enjoy.

Get the Details

A stamped concrete plan involves more than just the final product; any existing materials will need to be removed, the base will need to be prepared and there may be other costs involved. Make sure any contractor you are considering gives you a detailed cost list so you know exactly what is included.

Have a Backup Plan

Experienced stamped concrete services know that weather can impact the timing of the job; your installer should have a backup plan in place in case of delays.

Your stamped concrete will last over a decade – and most make it 20 years or more; other than occasional sealing, the finished patio should be maintenance free. To learn more about stamped concrete and what this unique and beautiful technique can do for your home, contact us. Our experienced team excels at stamped concrete finishes and can help you come up with the perfect look for your home.