Help! My Patio And Driveway Are Flooded!

Help-My-Patio-and-Driveway-Are-FloodedDoes your concrete patio or concrete driveway get flooded every time there is a significant rainfall in the Tulsa, OK area? Unfortunately, it’s a pretty common problem. When it happens, getting to your vehicle can be difficult, and it can make enjoying backyard fun problematic.

What Causes The Flooding?

Why is it that some concrete patios and driveways can be unaffected by heavy rainfall while others get totally flooded? One, or a combination of the following factors may be behind your frequent flooding.

Inadequate or clogged drainage:

your concrete driveway or patio should have a drainage system that allows for the elimination of water so that it doesn’t accumulate and flood. However, if the drainage system wasn’t properly installed, or if it has become clogged with leaves or debris, it may not be functioning well enough to get rid of the water.

Water from the roof:

your patio or driveway may be getting an excess of water coming off the roof of your house causing it to pool quickly.

Surface is not pitched correctly:

the concrete surface of your patio or driveway must be sloped slightly for the water to run off. Flooding will result if it is flat or sloped away from the drainage system.

Now, let’s have a look at how to fix the problem.

Add a French Drain

A French drain is a trench dug along the perimeter of the driveway or patio containing a perforated pipe and covered by gravel or a grate. Water accumulates in the pipe and is drained away safely and efficiently.

Use Rain Barrels and Rain Chains

When water from your overhanging roof is a problem, you can redirect the water using rain gutters and downspouts. As an attractive alternative to closed gutter downspouts, consider using rain chains. These devices guide water down links of a chain and through cups so that it can be collected in a rain barrel. Rain chains are pleasant additions to your home that combine function and beauty and become a water feature in your yard.

You can then use the water collected in the rain barrel for watering your garden or lawn, reducing your water consumption.

Pour New Concrete

If the concrete in your patio or driveway is poorly sloped, you could end up with water pooling around your foundation. That liquid could eventually seep through and cause some flooding in your home. If other drainage options are not feasible, it may be necessary to pour concrete again to correct the surface’s pitch.

If flooding is an ongoing problem on your concrete patio or concrete driveway, you may want to consult a professional. Contact us today to get a free quote from the Tulsa, OK area experts at R&M Concrete.