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Could concrete floors really be the best solution for my new home or business?

Could concrete floors really be the best solution for my new home or business?

When fantasizing about flooring, there are some obvious possibilities. Hardwood, tile, carpet … concrete? That last one may come as a surprise to many people, whose impressions of concrete flooring is probably based on their interactions with mop closets or creepy-looking cellars.

Concrete has come a long way and is now an attractive, even trendy, flooring option.

What are the benefits of concrete floors?

Low maintenance. Floors, especially in high-traffic areas, require a certain amount of upkeep. Pets and moving furniture can easily scratch wood and laminate floors, and wood can also shift and swell depending on the temperature and humidity. Stone and ceramic tile are strong and attractive, but grout needs frequent and detailed cleaning, and spills can lead to permanent stains.

Carpeting requires vigilant vacuuming or it plays host to dust, dander, allergens, and the mites that feed on them. While no floor is maintenance free, concrete floors usually require no more than occasional sweeping and damp mopping, keeping family chores simple in your home, and payroll lower at your place of business.

Creative flexibility.

Today’s concrete floors are not what you remember from your father’s basement! While plain-Jane gray is still an option, concrete stains are now widely used to bring a wide variety of colors to your flooring, ranging from neutral to vibrant options, depending on your needs and your style. You’re not limited to a single color, either; staining can be done in decorative ways that create depth and define spaces in ways similar to the way an area rug would, but without the tripping hazard.

From whimsical playrooms to somber spaces for reflection, concrete can bring life to a room from the ground up. And since stains penetrate deep into the concrete itself, the color won’t wear away over time, providing a long-lasting decor solution in a world of quick fixes.

Opportunities for warmth.

What could be better than warm toes in the winter? Concrete floors are a fantastic option for installing radiant heat, warming the room from beneath. Hot water pipes are embedded in the concrete itself, giving off an even and comfortable warmth. Perfect for bathrooms, dens, spas, and anywhere comfort is key, heated concrete floors give any space a feeling of luxury on a January day.

What are the challenges of concrete flooring?

If you’re hoping to install a concrete floor over a subfloor, it’s important to check with an engineer to determine whether the project is feasible. Concrete is heavy, after all, and the last thing you want is to discover that your home or business isn’t strong enough to support the floor’s weight.

If the room in question is prone to flooding and damp, concrete floors may be damaged if they’re not sealed properly. And concrete is, of course, a hard material; if you’re regularly standing in your stocking feet or unsupportive shoes, you may want to make good use of mats or area rugs on top of your concrete floors, or else pick a softer material that is easier on the feet, ankles, and knees.

Is concrete flooring the best solution for me?

It’s quite possible! But the best way to find out for sure is by talking with an expert. Contact R&M Concrete for a free consultation and estimate today.