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Boost Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal with Decorative Concrete

Boost home value with decorative concreteYour home is one of your biggest investments, and the way it appears from the curb creates a first and lasting impression with guests, neighbors, and prospective buyers. So, keeping your exterior looking as lovely as possible makes a tremendous impact, whether you are planning to sell your home or keep it for years to come. And one way to add value and curb appeal in a simple yet elegant way is with the stylish appearance of decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete — whether stamped with creative patterns or stained to pop with color — is an affordable, lasting option for many homeowners. At R&M Concrete, we love assisting Tulsa area homeowners in selecting, planning and installing attractive and reliable concrete driveways, walkways, porches, decks, retaining walls and floors that create the lasting beauty your home deserves. Here’s a closer look at how decorative concrete can create a look that boosts your home’s value.

Porch and Entry Way

Not only does a broken front step or a cracked threshold at the entry way of your home make your porch look old and worn; it also reflects on the entire house. Plus, it’s a safety hazard. When an older walkway or entry area has cracks, the likelihood of a family member, neighbor, or visitor falling and hurting themselves increases. In today’s world of expensive lawsuits, it’s important to address such issues.

Whether you have a surface that is tinted, stamped or resurfaced, beautiful decorative concrete for your home gives your porch a brand-new look and feel, increasing the value of your property and providing a warm welcome to visitors.

Back Patio

Ugly, chipped or worn concrete patios can be the last place a family wants to hang out together. Months or even years can go by while this important part of your property goes forgotten and underutilized. And since backyards are a major selling point, poorly maintained outdoor spaces lessen the value of a home.

However, your backyard can be revived with the exciting colors and textures of newly stamped or resurfaced concrete. A fresh design that fits your needs and style can completely transform what was once lackluster. A stylish concrete patio can be like having an all-new backyard again, where the family magic of grilling, catching some sun, and coffee time in the morning can happen.

Pool Deck

Pools can certainly increase the value of your home, but a pool deck that is worn out can do just the opposite. Nobody wants to spend time in an area of the home that looks uncared for.

Consider a pool deck replacement or a pool deck overlay. Overlays can be more affordable in comparison to replacing an entire pool deck. Picture your deck going from grey and unappealing to warm and colorful. Decorative concrete around a pool can be water and slip resistant as well, making the area a fun, safe place to relax year-round.


Sidewalk maintenance is usually inexpensive and often overlooked. Cracks and damage to walkways through the years can make them unsafe. Even after a strong pressure washing, a sidewalk can still look worn from years of use. Soil stains and oil marks from the driveway to the front porch are very difficult to get rid of. The use of various strong cleansers may make a difference, but often aren’t safe and can easily do more damage.

Installing a beautifully stamped or stained concrete walkway from your driveway to your front entrance can add gorgeous charm, and also eliminate safety hazards. This is true curb appeal.

Retaining Walls

If you are looking to shore up a part of your yard that slopes, consider a retaining wall. After years of ignoring a part of your property that is steep and slants away, erosion can make the area unusable.

Adding a strong, good-looking retaining wall can save your property from erosion, while also providing beauty. Retaining walls are valued among realtors for creating concrete curb appeal. Landscapers love them because they manage rainwater runoff and prevent overwatering to other areas. Stamped concrete adds extra charm to the wall, while stained concrete adds color that either stands out or blends in seamlessly with your landscaping.

Garbage Enclosures

Garbage enclosures are another overlooked area where you can add potential curb appeal and value. Instead of ignoring neighbors’ and HOA officials’ requests to hide trash containers, why not consider a decorative way of concealment through a concrete garbage enclosure?

Decorative concrete walls are strong and durable, built to last for many years. They can also be a beautiful way to hide garbage cans. A stylish, stained concrete structure can be designed to complement the rest of the home while taking care of a very important function.


A home’s driveway is the first thing that welcomes you home after a hard day’s work. Your driveway is also one of the very first areas noticed by guests and potential home buyers. Shouldn’t it also be another aspect of the property to be proud of?

A beautiful, stamped driveway is an easy way to add concrete curb appeal to your home. Real estate agents across the country know that a driveway with stamped concrete helps sell a home faster than other houses in the neighborhood with older, more worn driveways, or even ones with a recent asphalt treatment.

Call on Tulsa’s Concrete Experts for a Home that Pops with Style

Decorative concrete installation makes a homeowner’s life easier and more enjoyable. It’s attractive, low maintenance, and valuable to invest in, and the choices are nearly endless. At R&M Concrete, our team will walk you through your many options and design outdoor concrete spaces that make you proud of your home for years to come.

It’s easy to get started. Contact us today to receive a free consultation and estimate—and start the process of loving every inch of your home.