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6 Reasons to Consider a Concrete Retaining Wall for Your Property

The rains and winds that are so frequently a part of Oklahoma’s weather throughout the year can have strong effects on a home or business property. Erosion of soil is a major challenge in our region, as it can weaken a building’s foundation, make it harder to maintain attractive landscaping, and cause other problems that leave homeowners and property owners facing many challenges.

Turn to Retaining Walls to Help Solve the Problem

One fantastic, practical, cost-effective solution to soil erosion is the installation of a long-lasting, weather-resistant, good-looking retaining wall. And concrete is an excellent substance for building retaining walls that you can enjoy for years to come.

Perhaps you haven’t considered whether your property would benefit from a retaining wall. Or maybe you have wondered about retaining walls but haven’t researched why they’re so advantageous. Not to worry! We’ve put together a list of 6 benefits that your home or business property can reap from the installation of a concrete retaining wall.

What Is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is simply a stone or concrete structure built onto your property to keep soil, rocks, hardscaping, and landscaping features in their proper place.

Retaining walls are typically installed in places where your landscape needs extra support to prevent soil from washing downhill. And retaining walls can do a lot to improve your property’s safety, longevity, and appearance. They can even protect you from an unnecessary lawsuit.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages of installing a retaining wall on your home or business property.

1. Prevents soil erosion

If your property is at the top or bottom of a hill, there’s a threat of soil eroding due to the effects of rain and wind. Just a little bit of weathering against even a small hill or mound can do serious eroding damage to your soil.

And that’s a problem, because unchecked erosion can:

  • Lead to messy mudslides and landslides
  • Move soil and rocks to areas where they block important features of your property
  • Block drainage systems and promote moisture damage
  • Weaken your property’s structural integrity

A retaining wall combats erosion by keeping the soil in place and blocking it so that there’s no way it can wash away.

3. Limits the risk of flooding

Tulsa area weather can often be rainy, especially when it comes to spring’s stormy weather. And that means property floods are something all homeowners should take strides to avoid. Retaining walls help with this by:

  • Providing a barrier that stops flooding in its tracks
  • Directing the flow of water away from your home or business building
  • Preventing moisture from pooling in low spots on your property

2. Limits damage to neighboring properties

Soil erosion may not affect just you—it may affect others as well. If you have a slope on your property, then you may be legally responsible for damages your neighbors, customers, or tenants incur if that sloped area collapses into their yard or property. Remember:

  • You can be held legally responsible for injuries that occur on your property.
  • Some municipalities levy heavy fines against property owners who don’t properly maintain their space.

In other words, retaining walls help prevent problems that could lead to legal liability. So, they’re worth investing in.

3. Creates more usable space

If your property contains steep slopes or a lot of hilly areas, you’ll be limited in using them as is. But retaining walls help you increase the land’s usability.

  • You can dig out a large, flat area to build upon, and use retaining walls to prevent soil and water runoff from seeping into that area.
  • Spaces can be carved out for many features—patios, outdoor seating, gardens, walkways, and more.
  • Retaining walls can help you create terraced areas for attractive plants and flowers.

4. Adds beauty

A retaining wall doesn’t need to be merely functional and boring. With the right design, you can have a wall that looks attractive and adds dimension to your property.

Investigate the possibilities, and begin dreaming about how you can beautify your property as you add retaining walls where needed.

5. Saves you money

By installing retaining walls where needed, you decrease your need for maintenance and cleanups due to:

  • Mud and collapsed soil
  • Fallen or damaged landscaping features
  • Structures rotted or eaten away by excess moisture
  • Sinkholes

Investing in a retaining wall keeps your property low-maintenance—especially when you use concrete, which looks great and performs consistently over time.

Why Use Concrete for Your Retaining Wall?

With all the materials available for constructing a retaining wall on your property, why does concrete stand out as a great solution? Here are a few ways that choosing a concrete retaining wall can benefit you:

  • Concrete walls are less expensive than walls built with natural stone.
  • Because concrete is lighter and less labor-intensive to work with than natural stone, a concrete retaining wall can usually be installed more quickly.
  • Concrete can incorporate a variety of shades and styles, offering you flexibility in creating a design you like.
  • Concrete retaining walls look modern and clean, appropriate for both homes and businesses.

Tulsa Concrete Retaining Walls You’ll Be Proud of for Years

If any of the reasons listed here have resonated with you, then it’s time to consider building a retaining wall that will protect your property and keep it looking and performing at its best. Remember—installing a concrete retaining wall is affordable, attractive, and effective.

Look for a concrete company that has your best interests in mind, works closely with property owners to give them the design and look they want, and performs reliable, long-lasting work. At R&M Concrete, we take pride in giving Tulsans the very best in concrete construction that is beautiful and works great for your needs.

See our Concrete Retaining Wall Services to learn more about how we provide stunning, attractive results you’ll love. Contact us to receive a free consultation and estimate to get started.