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5 Tips to Find the Right Concrete Contractor for Your Out-of-State Rental Property

5 Tips to Find the Right Concrete Contractor for Your Out-of-State Rental PropertyDo you own a rental property in the Tulsa area, yet you live outside of Oklahoma? If so, then you face a common dilemma for any out-of-state property owner: You need maintenance to keep your investment property in good shape, but you’re not on-site to look for and find the right concrete company to do needed maintenance, repairs, and installations. You need to choose the best contractor from the start, so you can enjoy your rental income without worries.

At R&M Concrete, we work with many out-of-state homeowners and small business owners who rent homes and commercial buildings in the Tulsa area. We know the ins and outs of making long-distance concrete services go smoothly so you can trust your property is in good hands. As you consider what types of care you want for your property, let these 5 tips be your guide in helping you choose a local concrete contractor who ensures your property retains its value and beauty.

1. Do your research.

The first step to choosing a concrete contractor for your out-of-state rental property is to find out who’s doing the kind of work you need done, and how positive their reputation is. There are several ways to make your research time as productive as possible:

  • Google — Start with an internet search to find concrete companies near your property.
  • Ask around — Talk with people who live locally to find out if they have recommendations.
  • Talk to local companies — Find out which companies the local concrete suppliers, home contractors, and other area construction businesses prefer to
    work with.
  • Check review sites — Angie’s List, Google Reviews, and other sites can show you if a concrete company’s clients have been happy with their work.

2. Evaluate the company’s experience.

Experience is valuable, because concrete contractors with plenty of successful projects under their belt will likely have encountered many types of work, tested several types of products, and can steer you in the right direction from the start, so you get great results.

  • Five years or more — A good rule of thumb is to choose a company with at least five years’ experience in the concrete construction field.
  • Impressive portfolio — Does the contractor have many attractive samples of their work in their online gallery? Are these projects similar to the one you want done?
  • Awards and certifications — Check to see if the concrete company has won any awards or has a high BBB rating.

3. Make sure they’re insured.

To protect your investment in your property, you want to ensure that the company doing the concrete work is properly insured and licensed.

  • Liability insurance — Does the concrete contractor have up-to-date liability insurance in an amount that is sufficient to cover your home or business in the event of an accident during construction?
  • Licensing — Can the contractor show you current documentation indicating they are properly licensed to work in the area where your property is located?
  • On-site managers — Since you live out-of-state, you are not likely to be present on-site to oversee the work. What sort of oversight does the company provide, to ensure that the construction crew is following proper safety and cleaning procedures that will help safeguard your property?

4. Compare estimates.

It is a good idea to request detailed estimates from at least three concrete contractors before you make a decision to employ one of them. Consider:

  • Ease of communication — How smooth was the process of having your home or commercial building assessed? How easy was it to reach a live person and get answers?
  • Specific recommendations — Did you get their estimate in writing, or was it verbal only? How specific was the contractor about how they would approach the project? Did they state exact materials to be used, prices, and a timeline?
  • Pricing — Look beyond the overall price, and see how it all breaks down. A reliable estimate includes details such as cost of the base material, concrete thickness, reinforcement, coloring, sealer, and down payment.

5. Get a signed contract.

Once you’ve decided on the concrete contractor who will help you enhance your rental property, it’s time to get all the paperwork completed. Do it right, and you’ll be more likely to have peace of mind throughout the entire project, even if you’re out-of-state while it’s being done.

  • Clear, concise language — When everything is stated clearly in the contract, it’s easier for everyone involved to ensure the work is done to your satisfaction. If you don’t understand something, ask about it before signing.
  • Be sure these details are included in the contract:
    • The specific design details for your project
    • Cost of materials
    • Cost of labor
    • Payment schedule that states when down payment and other payments are due
    • Timeline for each stage of the project, and estimated date of completion
      Any special requirements you may have
    • Clauses that explain what happens if the scope of the work changes — For example: Can you request upgrades? If so, at what point in the project can you do so, and when is it too late? What extra fees will apply?

Concrete Services Done Right

Whether you need some simple repairs to an existing concrete retaining wall, a complex new driveway and parking area for your property, or anything in between, R&M Concrete offers services you can trust. Our residential concrete crew makes it easy to get the look, feel, and performance you want from your concrete surfaces. If you’re out-of-state, we’ll assist you in getting your Tulsa rental property into great shape with the same care you’d give it if you could be here in person doing the work yourself. Contact us to request a free estimate, and enjoy a rental property that retains its value for years to come.