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5 Reasons a New Concrete Patio Boosts Your Tulsa Area Home’s Value

5 Reasons a New Concrete Patio Boosts Your Tulsa Area Home’s Value

Looking for ways to increase your home’s value—either for personal enjoyment or to take advantage of the great seller’s market happening for real estate in and around Tulsa right now?

Here’s a tip you may not have considered yet. Transform your outdoor living space by adding a new patio with gorgeous concrete flooring and features.

Whether you have an outdoor space that needs an upgrade or a lawn in need of a brand-new deck, installing a patio with durable, well-laid concrete can boost your home’s worth for years to come. And the process is easy when you hire the right concrete professionals to help you.

The Advantages of Installing a Concrete Patio

Here’s why homeowners in Oklahoma appreciate having a new, well-crafted concrete deck or patio gracing their yard.

1. Greater Outdoor Enjoyment

One of the greatest advantages of living in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma is the temperate weather. While we do have our seasons, it’s not uncommon to have many comfortable days for outside living even in winter months.

Throughout the year, you can enjoy plenty of days relaxing and entertaining guests outdoors—which makes a lovely new concrete patio a wise investment.

2. Affordable Outdoor Living

With the cost of wood skyrocketing, many homeowners are interested in options that provide a lovely and durable outside space without having to pay premium prices for wood decking materials.

Concrete provides an attractive alternative that blends affordability with outdoor comfort. And with concrete’s customizability, a skilled installation team can create unique designs and add colors to give you a gorgeous space.

3. Simple Upkeep

Concrete is an excellent material to choose for its low-maintenance and long-lasting results. Unlike natural wood, which needs regular staining and waterproofing to protect it, concrete can last for many years with just an occasional rinsing if it is properly laid and cured.

4. Appealing Return on Investment

Any home improvements you make should be filtered through the lens of the value they create. And while many homeowners instantly think “bathroom” and “kitchen” when looking for ROI-generating remodels, it’s important to consider your outdoor spaces too.

A well-designed, attractive new concrete patio can raise your home’s overall by 8-12%. With premium features like a covering and decorated concrete, your new patio can generate up to 80% ROI, an impressive result well worth the investment.

5. Faster Home Sale

When it is time to place your house on the market, beautiful amenities that add comfort and functionality are key elements to winning over prospective home buyers. Must-have features include outside living areas that provide room to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Installing a concrete patio is a simple, effective way to elevate your exterior and invite top bids for your home.

Options to Make Your Concrete Patio Unique

To produce the most desirable outdoor living space, carefully plan the design of your patio for ease of use, comfort, and eye-catching details.

Convenient Location

Patios are most practical and appealing when they are either attached to or close to your back door. This makes it simple for you and your guests to use it. Ensure the patio is easy to get to from your kitchen. If the patio must be set a distance away from the door, connect them by installing a decorative stone or concrete path with outdoor lighting.

Decorative Colors

If you’re thinking that concrete comes only in one color—gray—think again! Today’s concrete solutions can be tinted to match just about any shade you can imagine. This attractive tinting makes it possible to complement your patio design to your home siding or other architectural features. Or, craft a higher-end look like terra cotta or adobe without the added material costs.

Stamped Patterns

The luxurious look of stone, brick, and wood can be achieved with concrete stamping. This customizable approach takes concrete to a higher level, allowing homeowners to achieve truly personalized designs that make your entire property catch the eye.

Professional Patio Installation vs. DIY

To get the most attractive, longest-lasting results, your concrete patio should be mixed, poured and cured with precise attention to detail. Attempting to do it yourself is difficult, and often causes several issues that are hard to address without a total do-over:

  • Significant cracks
  • Uneven surface
  • Sloppy edges
  • Improper thickness
  • Failure to make it watertight

Mistakes such as these can occur during any part of the process—and they can result in a host of problems that leave you disappointed in your results. But it’s hard to avoid these issues if you’re not an expert in concrete.

To prevent difficulties and get a beautiful pour that achieves a smooth, attractive finished look, work with a professional concrete installer.

For more reasons to hire a professional concrete company for your patio, check out this overview of concrete pouring—describing what goes wrong with DIY work, and how to avoid it.

Get the Concrete Patio of Your Dreams and Love Your Home

Expand your home lifestyle and value with a luxurious, personalized outdoor living space that is great for relaxing and entertaining.

At R&M Concrete, our combined 30-plus years of experience has made us the top concrete company serving homeowners in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. We’re dedicated to top-notch installations and exceptional customer service, so you receive superior concrete pours on time and on budget.

Whether you want a simple slab or a highly customized pour with decorative design elements, we deliver concrete results you can be proud of for years to come. Contact us today to get started.