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3 Signs You May Be Hiring The Wrong Concrete Company

3-signs-you-may-be-hiring-the-wrong-concrete-companyUsually, when you need to engage the services of a concrete company, you’re about to embark on a very large and financially significant building project. Concrete is going to play an important role in that project, from the foundation to, quite possibly, a majority of the actual structure itself.

Because the concrete can be such a fundamental component of a building project, you want to make sure you make the right decision. Half the battle to making the right choice is avoiding the wrong choice, and we’ve got three tell-tale signs to warn you when the wrong Tulsa concrete company is trying to win your job contract.

1 – You Can’t Find A History Or Portfolio

This is a basic, “mistake 101” error that you should always keep an eye out for. Any Tulsa concrete company that is offering their services for your job should have a proven track record. That means that if you ask for references, or a portfolio of past work—or even just conduct some Internet research—you’ll find something.

If a company wants you to entrust not just the job, but your finances to them, and they have no history or evidence of professional experience that they can provide, this is a big, red flag. It means they either are new, and you’re taking a chance on an unproven business, or it’s a scam.

2 – They Are Unable To Produce Official Documentation

A qualified and experienced Tulsa concrete company will have everything that is professionally and legally required available for viewing. That means that any licenses that are required, any certifications, and even insurance documents showing they provide coverage for themselves and their employees can be produced on request and verified by the proper authorities.

If a supposedly qualified concrete company cannot even produce the legally awarded certificates or documents that are supposed to prove they are legitimate, this is a big problem. Either their administrative skills are terrible, which is an indicator of the company itself, or they aren’t actually qualified. Either way, that’s not a company you want to trust.

3 – Payment Arrangements Are Unorthodox

A legitimate, professional company will have a familiar, well-established method of handling financing, usually involving some minimum deposit and a schedule of payments. However, if a contractor you approach is making unusual payment requests, exercise extreme caution.

Any company that only wants to deal in cash, or is making very unusual payment demands, such as an initial deposit of 75% or more before the job begins is not operating with the usual professional parameters. At best, they are playing extremely fast and loose with payment issues, because of these types of arrangements, while not technically illegal are highly unusual. At worst, these are scam operations that are trying to take as much money as they can before running away from the job.

Make The Safe Choice

R&M Concrete has been working for years in as a Tulsa concrete company right here in Oklahoma. If you have a commercial project that needs a reliable concrete expert with the credentials and the respect of many clients in Tulsa, contact us. We can consult with you and provide you with a free estimate of what needs to be done for a successful project.