3 Repair Options for Concrete Driveways

3 Repair Options for Concrete DrivewaysA driveway that is cracked, discolored, or simply starting to show its age can dramatically affect the look of a home as well as decrease the overall value. Depending on how severe the concrete has been damaged, there are several possible ways it can be repaired. The following are a few options when deciding how to repair concrete driveways.


A concrete overlay can work well for a driveway that is cracking or scaling. Resurfacing covers the flaws while allowing a homeowner to choose a new pattern and color options to upgrade the look of their driveway. It is advised to repair any noticeable cracks and remove any unstable concrete before beginning the resurfacing process.


Weather, sun exposure, and grease and stain absorption can cause a concrete driveway to become discolored. Applying a water-based stain or a coat of acid can often revive the original color. When adding any type of stain to a concrete surface it is important to do a test sample on the concrete. Stains can react differently to a variety of surfaces.


This technique is used for driveways that are sinking or uneven in areas. This may be due to soil erosion or a poor subgrade beneath the concrete. Pumping cement or a combination of additives under the slab may be able to raise the driveway back to the original position. A few benefits of slabjacking are that it can be completed in almost any type of weather and there is normally no disruption to the surrounding landscape.

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