3 Concrete Terms You Did Not Know Before

3 Concrete Terms You Did Not Know BeforeR&M Concrete is a family owned business founded on honestly and integrity. Our foundation of success is based on the skill and knowledge of our experience project team. We are professionals at what we do and understand our job perfectly. We know that terminology can be frustrating if not understood correctly. Here are three commonly used words that will help you understand concrete lingo more clearly.


Yes, everyone probably already knows what concrete is. But do you really know what it is made of? Concrete is made up of four ingredients: Portland cement, water and both fine aggregates (sand and course one (gravel).

Did you know there is a difference between cement and concrete? Cement is one element of concrete, but a very important element.

Per Square Inch (PSI)

We want to make sure that our client knows exactly what we are saying when we talk to them. PSI is the amount of pressure per square inch that concrete can withhold before cracking. If we don’t put enough concrete it will lead to the development of cracks. If you put to much it will cure to quickly before the finish can be applied.


For new concrete driveways, we can add a light broom finish so that it is not slick when it is wet. When we use the broom, it adds small grooves in the surface to help wick water off the surface. It also gives the driveway a finished and artistic look.

R&M Concrete

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