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12 Ways Concrete Walls Benefit Your Property for Years to Come

Concrete Wall BenefitsThinking about adding walls to your property? Concrete is a superb choice with multiple benefits, especially in Oklahoma. Our red clay soil may look uniquely charming, but it’s also susceptible to freeze and thaw cycles that can play havoc with your property, causing soil erosion. Of course, concrete walls can also make your home or office space more functional and even add a layer of attractive outdoor design.

Concrete walls can benefit a home building project, help improve business properties, and solve a multitude of other concerns, providing lasting value that you’ll be glad you invested in. At R&M Concrete, we specialize in providing top-notch concrete walls and other concrete solutions installed expertly, giving you years of beauty, performance and peace of mind. Take a closer look at these 12 benefits of concrete walls you’ll be glad you invested in for your Oklahoma property.

Enhanced Attractiveness

Concrete walls can be more than just a functional necessity. They can create beauty that wasn’t there before. A retaining wall with a smart design can stand out, with an appealing look, adding a facet to the overall look of your property that is not only practical but attractive. There are many decorative aspects a wall can incorporate like columns, planters, and statues that beautify the area.

A More Usable Space

A sloping property or land with a lot of hills can result in limited use of space if left as is. But a concrete retaining wall can change all that. An area that was at one time unmanageable can be made more level and easier to maintain when a concrete retaining wall keeps soil and water runoff from eroding the area. The terraced features that result from concrete walls can be excellent flower beds and gardens that beautify the space.


Concrete walls are a durable, resilient, low maintenance, energy efficient option compared to other building materials. Operating costs, energy consumption, and any repairs needed after disasters are minimal because of its durability. Insurance costs related to concrete have also been shown to be significantly lower than other materials. And concrete requires less maintenance than other materials, so it’s less expensive over the long term.

Strong, Durable and Low Maintenance

Concrete just lasts longer than other building materials. It even gets stronger over time, which makes it less of a concern than other materials that require more attention through reconstruction and rehabilitation. A properly built concrete wall can be expected to last for generations, making it great for home building.


There aren’t many wall building materials that are more resistant to the elements than concrete. It doesn’t burn, rust, rot, or get blown away. After storms and other extreme weather elements, concrete walls and other concrete structures still manage to stay the same, unaffected by even the most violent of natural disasters.


Concrete buildings have a great ability to store energy, making the heating and cooling costs more manageable than otherwise. Combined with today’s technology, it can minimize energy usage to keep those inside comfortable. Concrete walls can also be expected to protect buildings and the land around it from the powerful elements in nature.


When completely cured, concrete walls emit nothing dangerous to the environment. As a completely inert substance, no gases, toxins or any other unsafe chemicals are released, providing assurance of healthy, safe living.

Low Carbon Footprint

Studies have shown that some of the latest, most innovative concrete solutions have the lowest carbon footprint of any building material over its lifecycle. Not only is a concrete wall durable; it can also be decorative and great for our environment.

Produced Locally

Concrete is normally produced within 100 miles of the site where it is used, using local businesses and resources. This means that local businesses benefit. Shipping costs and environmental factors are minimized when concrete is used to build a retaining wall on your property.

Ideal for Adaptive Reuse

Throughout history, concrete’s strength, fire resistance, and sound structure have allowed buildings to be repurposed. What was once a firehouse can be converted into a craft brewery because of concrete’s resilience. Concrete walls can also be dependable and adaptive, used initially for soil retention, later used for displaying potted plants as well as providing privacy.


In the end, any concrete structure is recyclable, for use in roadbeds as sub-base material, parking lots, shoreline protection and any other number of applicable uses. With complete treatment, concrete walls can be torn down and used again and again for many purposes. So when you invest in concrete walls for home building, land use, or office space, you’re choosing a material that is good for the environment.


Although a concrete retaining wall is certainly strong and durable when hardened, it can also be used in creative and practical ways. Concrete is extremely adaptable before it hardens, allowing beautiful designs to be implemented. Any shape, texture or kind of surface imagined can be created as a retaining wall before the concrete structure solidifies.

Concrete Solutions for All Your Needs

Concrete walls are a fantastic way to maximize the use of your property, add beauty, create elegant designs that add curb appeal, and increase your home or office’s long-term value. When you’re ready to invest in concrete walls for your home building or office property, R&M Concrete is here to ensure you receive superior customer service and top-notch concrete solutions that give you confidence in your property.

From elegant concrete walls that add privacy and function, to concrete retaining walls with stamped, tinted designs that beautify while keeping soil in place, we have an option that fits your needs. Contact our friendly, thorough team of concrete experts today for a consultation and free estimate on all your concrete needs.